Can Americans Restore the Nation?

To say America is a divided nation would be an understatement. But is it a challenge that can be corrected? Unfortunately, with a complacent electorate, a corrupt media, a deep state bureaucracy, and immoral political elite lawmakers, the cards are stacked against us.

However, if your vision for America isn’t intimidating, it’s an insult to God.

Pilgrims in 1620 struggled to get across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower and landed at Plymouth Rock in the dead of winter. Fifty percent of their people didn’t survive. Nevertheless, they relied on God and didn’t give up.

Fifty-six men committed treason against the King of England by signing the Declaration of Independence in 1776. And countless men, women, and children died fighting the greatest military of that time between 1775 and 1783. But, they relied on their faith in God and His miracles.

Six hundred thousand men died between 1860 to 1865 fighting the only war in the history of the world to free enslaved Black people from bondage across the globe. But, again, they relied on the help of an Almighty God.

Today, we are in a spiritual battle between good and evil. The very souls of Americans are deceived into believing that killing children in the womb up to and including birth is acceptable. Likewise, mutilating a child’s body in the name of gender reassignment protects the child, and teaching children to hate their country and their race is proper.

Saving our nation will require Americans to wake up and realize something is wrong. We need God’s help and, more importantly, a spiritual revival. We need the help of an Almighty God again. The task will not be easy. But, our vision for a Godly nation should intimidate us into realizing we must rely on God’s help. But freedom for our posterity is worth it. As John Quincy Adams stated: the work is ours, but the results are God’s. So, for liberty, let’s get to work!

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The Triumphant Trio: Grassroots Action, Convention of States, and the Church

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