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By Jim MacDonald
On the evening of May 20, 2021, about 140 Convention of States (COS) Patriots from 30 different states gathered together in Pahrump, Nevada. Where? Pahrump, Nevada? Where is Pahrump, Nevada, and why would a multitude of Patriots meet in Pahrump, Nevada?

For starters, several notable people lived in Pahrump, such as Michael Jackson, Heidi Fleiss, and Art Bell, Founder of Coast to Coast AM. More importantly, Pahrump is the home of the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute—the world’s largest and most reputable firearms training resort. With nearly 550 ‘beautiful’ rolling acres of desert dirt and stone, it was paradise—just perfect for group therapy!

Speaking of notable people, congregating in Pahrump and receiving a glowing tribute was none other than Mark Meckler, Co-Founder, of the Convention of States Projects, and Rick Green, Founder of Patriot Academy and Constitution Alive. The audience was thrilled seeing the two of them standing side by side, exuding the passion they felt for all of us being there with them. The experience was overwhelming for all in attendance.

If you’ve seen Mark and Rick team up on Monday evening Constitutional Alive or the Biblical Citizenship classes, you know how entertaining they can be. This night was no different, and I wish more people could have joined us. But here’s a takeaway they left us with:

  • What are you willing to die for?
  • Do you live life for the things you’re willing to die for?

The Training Begins

The gates opened at 6:30 am the following day to begin our four-day handgun training program. The anticipation was exhilarating as the energy in the room where everyone met for the start of the training was sensational. You see, these patriots brought a level of experience that ranged from never touching a gun in their life to men and women who fought overseas in battle. This combination brought about the fulfillment of pride to be an American.

Of course, leave it to the progressive gods to strike quickly. Shortly after we got out on our range, the weather in the desert took an agonizing turn for the worst. I followed the weather report right up to the day I left for Nevada, and the high 80 to low 90 degrees were the expected weather conditions—Perfect!!! But nooo…in one day, we experienced all four seasons as if I was still in Tennessee. First, pouring rain, followed by sleet from 9 am till 1 pm.

To say we were miserable would be the understatement of the year! We stood in the bitterly cold rain, me in my wet T-shirt and no coat, while the wind adding that little extra burst of bloodcurdling—delight. You can imagine us trying to hold the muzzle of our pistol steady while our whole body was shaking like a Joe Biden bobblehead.

Both Rick Green and his son Reagan stopped by our range. Seeing me shivering like a leaf, they encouraged me and others to take a break and sit in our cars for a while. Being stubborn and having a tremendous desire to learn everything I could while there, I refused. But, as helpless as I felt, throwing in the towel was not an option. My thought was, I’ll hold on till hell freezes over.

Well, hell nearly did freeze over, and I ALMOST gave in. Fortunately, when I did reach my breaking point, Rick Green came back from his RV with a coat I could wear. Thankfully, this got me to lunchtime, where I bought a new T-shirt at the pro-shop and changed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t the only victim of the desert blizzard because all the coats had sold out before I got there.

That afternoon, the rain stopped, and the sun blessed us with its appearance. Between the cool breeze and the hot sun, the afternoon was a refreshing change. The weather during the rest of the trip was as expected for the Nevada desert.

Our training for the day ended around 5 pm. Rick and Mark planned a meeting starting with pizza at 6 pm followed by more conversation. Mark asked each of us to stand, introduce ourselves, where we were from, what we did for COS and why we were part of the team—after listening to the inspiring words of Patriots from around the country for two hours, not another word needed to be said.

As most everyone there will attest, the three days of training that followed far exceeded anyone’s expectations. We learned to draw our weapon and fire two rounds to the thoracic cavity within two seconds. Sweep a house with family members and criminals present. Identify and correct various misfires while in a gunfight—and much more. The level of confidence in handling a firearm is an experience every American should have.

Why We Train

The Founders wrote the Second Amendment to protect all of our rights. If an authoritarian government should ever assume office, the Founders wanted Americans armed and prepared. They also believed we must teach our children how to handle guns as well. For example, John Quincy Adams practiced with the Minutemen at the age of 8 years old.

Richard Henry Lee, a signer of the Declaration of Independence, wrote:

“To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them…”

Over the last 100 plus years, we’ve raised generations of children, brainwashed into believing Marxism is a utopian form of government. When in fact, it’s corrupt, destructive, and disastrous to freedom and liberty. The progressive left has already squelched our freedom of speech and is coming for our right to bear arms. We must stop this disturbing assault on our God-given rights.

The training and education at Front Sight, matched with spending five days with Mark Meckler and Rick Green, was worth more than the price of the trip. Freedom is priceless and must be fought for at any cost. But, unfortunately, until more Americans are comfortable and trained in the use and safety of firearms, the left can use pretty words like gun control to deceive the masses of people.

We must stop the left from gambling with our nation’s future. Stand up for the things we are willing to die for. Win the triple crown of freedom—get involved with the Convention of States Action, Constitution Alive, and Front Sight Firearms Training Institute.

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