Conservative Values are Biblical Values

By Jim MacDonald

What is the definition of a conservative? The progressive left thrives on setting the narrative and trying to identify the opposition by their actions. In other words, to determine what the left is doing, observe what they are accusing the right of doing. For example, watch the words and actions of the leftists in this country; you will clearly see they are racist, fascist, intolerant, and corrupt. Yet, this is exactly what they accuse conservatives of being.

A popular joke from people on the left about people on the right is: Humans were supposed to be intellectual and sensible. Then people made God and conservatives.

I would define conservatives as people who want to preserve our godly, founding, and Constitutional principles—hence the word conserve.

So what are conservative values, and how are they Biblical?

Listed below are several common conservative values the progressive left would love to eliminate:

  • A Secure Border

A secure border is necessary to protect the American people’s life, liberty, and property. Unfortunately, the Biden administration has allowed the invasion of millions of people into our country through the southern border. Biden’s actions are unconstitutional, immoral, and corrupt from the standpoint of their intentions to create a new voting class. No other nation in the world allows people to enter their borders at will.

Biblical: After the Babylonians took the Israelites into captivity, they destroyed the city of Jerusalem, tore down the walls, and burned the gates. Seventy years later, after the Persians conquered the Babylonians, Nehemiah earned the king’s favor over time, allowing Nehemiah to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the city.

They began by building the walls and the city gates before they made their homes. This was in order to protect the people from intruders. However, while building the wall, they also had to remain vigilant with their swords because the enemy was not happy with their intentions. See Nehemiah chapters 1-6.

  • Freedom to Own Property

Owning property is the foundation for a free society. It gives people an opportunity to accumulate possessions. History, in most of the world, shows the king, emperor, pharaoh, or monarch owned the land and would sometimes give land to some of their loyalists if they remained loyal.

Today in America, the federal government has been confiscating land at a large clip. Companies like Blackrock, with ties to the government, are buying and holding onto land worldwide at an incredible rate. “Let the people have property, and they will have power”—Noah Webster

Biblical: The Bible calls owning property a blessing. The Israelite families were all given property when they entered the Promised Land. The book of Joshua discusses the division of the land and how even in Joshua’s old age, God said there was more land to conquer for Israel. Land that would be divided among the tribes.

  • Rule of Law

The rule of law should concern everyone, regardless of their political ideology. For a free society to exist, enforcing the rule of law is vital to protecting the rights of the American people. The Constitution of the United States requires the government to protect the God-given rights of the people. It is the number one duty of our government. But unfortunately, it has become just a conservative principle because the left has little regard for the rule of law.

George Soros, a leftist ideology, has invested millions in electing state attorneys generals (AGs). These AGs have personally decided not to prosecute crimes at all levels, and major cities around the country are paying a high price for this with high crime rates. They intend to create chaos among the people, demanding a “king,” giving up their rights, to come and restore order.

Biblical: After the flood receded and Noah’s ark docked on shore, God gave Noah a covenant to govern the people in the future. After Moses brought the Israelites out of slavery and into the desert for 40 years, God gave Moses the ten commandments and later laws for governing the people.

  • Free Enterprises

The Constitution guarantees our rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. This pursuit of happiness occurs when we get a job or start a business—participation in capitalism. This business may become successful, or it may fail. Our right is to pursue happiness, not to be guaranteed happiness.

The federal government is trying to guarantee outcomes for its interests rather than let the system work out for itself. So, for example, they are subsidizing solar power over fossil fuels, electric cars over gas-powered, affordable health care over allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines, etc.

Biblical: There are countless examples in the Bible making the point for free enterprises, including the Proverbs 31:1 women, the Apostle Paul, who was a tent maker by trade; many of Jesus’ disciples were fishermen. There were farmers, shepherds, tanners, blacksmiths, tax collectors, etc. But note: for the four hundred years before the Israelites asked for a king, no standing armies were protecting the country. All the men knew how to defend their land and did so with the help of the Almighty God.

  • Freedom of Speech

The federal government and private institutions have interfered with conservatives’ freedom of speech for many years. Examples of this were when the IRS refused to grant tax-exempt status to conservatives during the Obama regime. Colleges and universities hinder opportunities for conservative citizens to speak on their campuses without riots and violent protests.

Other examples are social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube restricting or blocking conservative material on their sites, calling it hate speech. Or the Biden administration was setting up the “Department of Misinformation” to stop any information they deemed inappropriate or misinformation because it goes against their political narrative.

The ability to speak the truth in a free society is the fastest way to lose our freedom. Probably the most significant attempt of the left is to minimize and discredit the Holy Bible. The Bible is our greatest truth teller and has been removed from schools and the public square.

Biblical: Speaking the truth in Love. Maintaining freedom of speech requires acceptance that truth comes from the Bible. “You love evil rather than good, falsehood rather than speaking the truth.”—Psalms 52:3;

  • Freedom of Religion

The Founders didn’t believe in a government-sponsored religion, but they did believe the government must be ruled by religious and pious men and women, preferably Christians. Unfortunately, the freedom of religion has been under attack for hundreds of years. The progressive movement in the early 1900s rejected the Founder’s beliefs in God, the Constitution, and the separation of powers. In 1963, the Supreme Court ruled on the Abington School District vs. Schempp to take the Bible and prayer out of schools.

The assault on our freedom of religion has always been relentless. But, unfortunately, today, the church has become silent and complicit to the whims of the governmental left. The Founders didn’t require the people to be Christians but did require our leaders to be of moral and virtuous character.

Biblical: Ancient Israel didn’t require people who lived in their land to convert to Judaism. Jesus brought freedom to the Jews and the Gentiles. However, He did not require anyone to follow Him. It remains their choice.

The Conclusion

The Bible says: know the truth, and the truth will set you free. But, unfortunately, the leftist in the world is working hard to erase, distort, and destroy the history of the founding of our great nation. They don’t want the world to know that the greatness of America comes from God establishing America from the Israel Republic that made Israel free in 1400 BC.

The truth can not be hidden or sealed in some remote location, so people who truly want it can’t find it. However, America is a Christian nation. Therefore, anyone who wants to know the truth can easily find it with little research.

Seek, and you will find, knock, and the door will be opened to you. Unfortunately, too many Americans are lost to the truth because they don’t want to pursue it. The educated people in America have been persuaded not to seek the truth.

Unfortunately, freedom and liberty in America can only exist if its people desire to be free!

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