This Website Is About God, Country, and Family

Welcome and glad you stopped by. This website is designed for ALL PEOPLE looking for information on God, Country, and Family. To be clear, I will identify these terms:

God: The one true God; Creator of the Universe; God of the Holy Bible.

Country: The United States of America; Established on July 4, 1776.

Family: As defined by God; a Father (male), a Mother (female), and children.

This website is not set up to offend anyone but simply to reunite America with the original intention God established for this country. If you have a different opinion, build your own website, and feel free to share it.

I’ll do the best I can to assure everything written is accurate. If something happens to be my opinion, I will identify it as such. If I do make an inaccurate statement, please point it out with a reference so I can correct my mistake. My intention is not to mislead anyone. This is a place people can go to find interesting thoughts, ideas, and facts.

The tabs above are listed in order of importance for maintaining the proper vertical alignment, aside from this “Welcome Page.” God is first; our country is second, and family is third. Copywriting is listed because that’s what I do to support my church, country, and family.


Under the tab “God,” will be articles relating to God. Articles: based on scripture; stories from our Founders about God up to modern-day stories. It may be prayer stories or requests. It could have miracles witnessed that could only have come from God.


Under the tab “Country,” will be articles relating to America as it pertains to God. Articles will include things like what is absolute truth; what are natural rights and natural laws; Famous quotes from people as it relates to God and our country.


Under the tab “Family,” are articles relating to Family. I’m not sure where these articles could take us—but my thoughts are things like: raising children; supporting the elderly; comforting people after a loss; school issues; challenges with colleges. Honestly, anything that relates to building a Godly family is in play here.


The Founding Fathers established the United States Constitution to “form a more perfect union” between the independent states. Over the years, twenty-seven amendments have been ratified to accomplish the Founders’ vision.

Unfortunately, over the last hundred-plus years, “We the People” gave up our sovereignty over the government and allowed the federal courts, executive branch, and the legislative branch in Washington, D.C., to usurp power from the states and the people. This has set a massive wedge between the people of this great nation.

However, the Founders wouldn’t be surprised this happened but would be disappointed we haven’t used the tools given to us to restore the process.


Business is the fifth tab and the least important of the previous three. That’s not to say it’s unimportant. Work feeds our family, supports our country, and provides the church with the funds needed to expand God’s kingdom.

My work is copywriting/marketing. This tab will have basic information on what I do. There’s a link to my main website for further information. The purpose of this tab is not to promote my business—but to inform people that I can assist them with their Christian copywriting needs.


My vision is to provide a positive, thought-provoking, informative website people can go to for quality information. I will have links to other Christian sites or pages which may pertain to a promotion. Some of these links, such as Amazon, an affiliate site, which means as an associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

If any profit is realized, at least 20% will go to my church to promote Christ’s work. The other 80% will go where Jesus leads me to put the rest.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

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