Ardent Copywriters – Copywriting Services

How can Ardent Copywriters serve your copywriting needs?

Good copywriting requires specific steps prior to putting the first word of content on the copy. Several of these steps are as follows:

  1. Having a complete understanding of the product or service we’re writing about.
  2. Fully comprehending the goals and objectives of your company.
  3. Knowing who your customer is and why they should purchase your product.

Armed with this information we produce good quality content that converts prospects into excellent long-term customers.

Following is a small list of services we can assist you with. If you need work that’s not listed below, please reach out to us. We may be able to help you or refer you to someone who can.

Ardent Copywriter’s areas of expertise:

  • Christian Blogs – Being inspired by God to write stories that glorify God and furthers His kingdom brings great joy.
  • Patriotic Blogs – American history is exciting and fascinating, and I love telling the truth about America.
  • E-Newsletters – A great tool used to connect customers in a professional manner. It helps promote customer loyalty, and credibility, and is a way of promoting a product without selling.
  • Website Auditing – Have your website optimized with my 35-Point Usability Checklist. The audit utilizes Best Practices when checking content strength, links, navigation, SEO, graphics, and animation. Additionally, it will check your website for conversion-focused messaging.
  • Website Copywriting for B2B & B2C – Is your website continuously changing? Adding and updating content is necessary to attract return visitors. Each page must be customer-focused on what your visitor needs or wants.
  • Direct-Response Email Campaign – This is a series of persuasive emails designed to help your customer take the action you desire.
  • SEO Copywriting – Strategically weaving “key phrase” data into the quality and powerfully compelling content. SEO ensures high rankings from search engines such as Google and Bing.

We can assist you with offline content such as:

  • Direct Response letters
  • Print Newsletters
  • Print Articles

Our Mission Statement is to build strong and lasting relationships. Serving people and their business needs allows us to impact communities. By impacting communities, we, in turn, impact the country. Impacting the country will impact the world–but it all starts with People.

Please contact us for your copywriting needs or visit our official website,